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Rhode Island - Huh? and more...
Rhode Island

It's been interesting. I've seen about 15 homes and been in one car accident:

The state plows missed a pile of slush, said pile sent us spinning off the road, and then the state plow came by and plowed us in.

That said, we've narrowed it down to 3 houses:

Coventry: 2 wooded acres, approx. 2k square feet:

and a kitchen to die for...

Uxbridge, over 2k square feet and 3 full baths:

And cute Richmond, smaller and significantly older, but I really like it:


So, now I think we are at the "what do we decide stage."  The time zone difference is making morning discussion of this very difficult.

And it is currently 11.8 degrees at 9:30am.

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