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NaNo (lack of) Update - Huh? and more...
NaNo (lack of) Update
NaNo isn't going as well as I had hoped. I had three days of "not writing" which bummed me out, and when I did write, it wasn't much. So there goes all my hopes of catching up this week. I have hopes for this coming week, as well as Thanksgiving weekend. That said, I rationally know I should be happy that I am making progress....just not a ton of progress.

On the bright side, I watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for my CA History "film analysis" paper due next week. I was surprised how well the animation held up...and how much I still enjoyed the movie.

OH...and I finished Land So Strange, this amazing nonfiction account of a group of Spanish settlers/conquerors bound for northern Mexico who accidently landed on Western Florida and walked/rafted around the Gulf of Mexico. Very interesting and I definitely recommend it for anyone with even a passing interest in North American history. I'm still behind my book count from last year, but I am really enjoying a lot of what I've read this year. Though....I really need more comics and/or graphic novels. I'm sorely lacking on that front.

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