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Progress - Huh? and more...
NaNo: Well, lack of progress. This could be my worst year, though I am still upbeat. Because the things getting in the way aren't dragging down my spirits. Work, yes. But the CA History class is taking up much time, and I am really enjoying that. Ditto prepping for Thanksgiving. I'll try to do a big push this weekend. But I am ok with my status. By next year we should be in our own house, and I must believe things will be better.

Work: well, I keep getting things done, though they aren't the 3 big things hanging on the deadline horizon. I am thinking there will be much overtime next week.

CA History: Just 1 paper left, though we don't have a topic yet and it is due in 2 weeks...which annoys me a bit. But I've really learned a lot.

50 book challenge: Again, not doing as well as I had wanted. But I've read some really interesting books this year.

Home search: my real estate agent is taking my parents to view 3 houses on Friday.  Perhaps one will blow us away.  Though none of them have to and I am going out in January to do my own searching.

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