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Finished Christmas Shopping! - Huh? and more...
Finished Christmas Shopping!

SO much later than I usually am this year.  And I should have spent today cleaning up the apartment...so now Wednesday is probably going to be a stressful cleaning nightmare.
Almost missed getting my parents' gifts mailed.  I feel bad, as we didn't get them much this year, especially since they are doing all sorts of running around throughout RI & MA to look at homes for us.  Hopefully we can make it up to them once we move out there.

Kittens have been crazy.  Stokely, who previously dislocated her hip, electrocuted herself on Christmas tree lights and ultimately got a big ol' abscess on her paw.  So another visit to the vet. 

And Casey has become "famous": he now appears on the website for one of our favorite vendors at the local farmers' market: Sunnica  Scroll down and you'll see Casey eating.  I defintely recommend her stuff, very well made!

Work has been crazy.  I can never get to the projects I need to because I've rebudgeted the same 2 programs 20+ times each.  Look, tell us what you'll be able to pay.  We'll figure out something.  But having us spinning our wheels coming up with scenarios while you change how much money you will pay in total each time you review what we provide is NOT productive.  Grrr.

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